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Master list of our facebook and linkedin networking groups. Please do join.

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  • New website launched
  • Ivy Medical Devices Company Launched
  • Goldman Ivy Energy Consortium Launched
  • Ivy Oasis/Columbia U entrepreneurship seminar.

Welcome to Alumni of the Ivy League

Alumni of the Ivy League networks over 118,000 members of the top universities of the world through segmented social media groups. The community includes Ivy League alumni i.e. Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Harvard, Dartmouth, Penn, Princeton and Yale. Alumni of MIT, Stanford, Caltech, Oxford, Cambridge, Duke, UC Berkeley, Northwestern and the University of Chicago are also members of this community.

The purpose of the network is to enhance the effectiveness of networking of Ivy League alumni in order to provide tangible benefit to the alumni community. Primary areas of focus are creating business, startups and job opportunities for alumni.

For that purpose we determine segmented networking objectives of alumni and to design specialized groups catering to these needs such as finding jobs or becoming entrepreneurs. Creating groups based on these needs potentially creates groups where alumni have similar objectives and the potential of collaboration exists. This allows members to find other members with very similar objectives and connect with each other.

Some of out initiatives include

  1. Segmented Networking groups on linkedin and facebook. These include groups for job searching, startups, business opportunities with multiple subgroups. Also groups for different industries and regional groups too.
  2. The Ivy Company is our unique collaborative venture which brings together the combined resources of the network to do business The Ivy Company is your venture to work with other ivy alumni to start new businesses. Few companies in the world have such human capital as The Ivy Company. The Ivy Company is a consortium of Ivy Alumni and business. The idea is to leverage each other’s resources, skills to create value. The Ivy Company has subsidiaries for different industries.
  3. Our partnership with The Goldman Consortium to generate business ventures between Goldman Sachs Alumni and Ivy League alumni.
  4. Ivy Alumni groups for startups. As examples, the ivy business incubator allows you to network with alumni interested in setting up new businesses, ivy global consultants alliance allows you to network with other consultants willing to refer clients and to create groups of consultants with different expertise e.g. hooking up mobile/web developers with branding/marketing consultants Ivy Crowdsourcing group allows you find ivy alumni interested in crowdsourcing.
  5. Regional Alumni clubs including our NY chapter Ivy Oasis which is organizing events in the new York area.
  6. Ivy Jobs and recruiting allows you to network with recruiters and find jobs.
  7. Our partnership with Columbia Alumni owned IvyExec for finding Jobs.


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